Other Posts!

Want to read my other stories?!  Well scroll down and pick from the archive my friend – it’s a virtual cornucopia of adventure!


In Which We Go To Panama


How To Get Over Anyone


A Coming of Age Story

All My Friends Are Dead (OR ARE THEY??)

How To Leave Mercy Ships – AKA THE FINALE

Fitahiana – The Cutest Little Girl in Madgascar

The Biggest Tumor I’ve Ever Seen


Madagascar: A Most Excellent Adventure

Adventures in Cape Town

I’m a Sailor!  I’m Sailing!  I Sail!

Full Throttle Captain!  Madagascar Ahead!

Heartbreakingly Beautiful A.K.A. Come Tour With Me!

Bonjour Monsieur President

The Most Surprising Birthday Surprise Ever!

They Asked Me Back

Patient Stories Hooray!

32 Days Later

What is Life Like on Mercy Ships?!?

Why Am I Here? – The Existential Post.

Kyle in the Congo!

First Impressions of a Floating Village

The New Crew Tour!

Pertaining to Donations

Where exactly am I going?

My Mercy Ships Origin Story


This is it.



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