A Coming of Age Story

2 thoughts on “A Coming of Age Story

  1. It’s a shame we weren’t better acquainted while on the ship. Thanks for comparing one of my favorite movies to an experience most of us have eventually. My “coming-of-age” happened twice. The first time, I got distracted. The second time, I realized it’s true: You have to work for the life you want. Nothing gets handed to you. Except my bag I left on a tuk tuk Sunday. That actually got delivered right back to me.

  2. Im so glad im not the only one who periodically ends up in a quandry trying to figure out if what i want is really what i want! Or really what God wants…or what i should be wanting….!!

    For what its worth, i always love reading your blogs! You hv a gift for words n an awesome sense of humour. Given your gifts for music, writing n creativity, can totally see you writing or being a novelist, or columnist, or journalist…

    Whilst its frustrating sometimes trying to figure which path to take, where we should be investing our time or how we should proceed….ill say one thing….its never boring!

    May God open doors, send signs n clues n make things clear. Xo

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