This is it.

I suppose this is it.

With the creation of a blog this has just become real.  I am going to fly around the world and live on a hospital ship off the coast of the Congo for six months and I am just realizing now that it’s actually happening.

I’m making this blog so that you can be a part of whatever is going to happen in the next six months (and hopefully beyond).  I know a lot of readers will be people who have pledged me money, people who believe in me and what God is doing through me for this crazy world of ours.  This blog is my way of saying thank you so much.  You all are doing such amazing things and i’m grateful that you trust me enough to support this adventure – believe me, you are just as much a part of it as I am.

And even if you didn’t pledge money that’s fine too – I still appreciate all the support and prayer and friendship that you have provided.

Anyways, i’m glad we are all going to be going on this trip together.  It makes the thought of flying halfway around the world to one of the most dangerous countries on the planet a little bit less intimidating.



P.S. Want to donate?  I’ll be your best friend!



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