“No Visa, No Flight”

Avvai and I arrived early to the airport.  After a long wait, the check-in lady leaned forward and told us we couldn’t fly. “You don’t have a visa.  You can’t get on this flight.”  She closed our passports and held them out. “Uh…”  I took the passports and set them back down in front of […]

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In Which We Go To Panama

​When I told people I was going to South America most were surprised, with the usual response being “Really? And you’re leaving in a week? Did you tell me about this?” This was somewhat warranted as I actually had forgotten to tell anybody. My family and close friends knew, but in my recent life there […]

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How To Get Over Anyone

What if I told you there was an easy way to get over anyone? What about if you could forgive and forget about that ‘thing’ someone did to you so long ago?  That thing you’re holding on to and think of each time you see them, even though maybe they’ve changed. Or how would you like a […]

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